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Shoulder Pain

  • What is Shoulder Impingement?

    Now that spring is upon us, you may hear the term “shoulder impingement” more often. It is commonly seen in athletes who participate in overhead sports such as softball, baseball, tennis, swimming, and volleyball but can occur....

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  • Why do so many people have rotator cuff pain?

    There is substantial evidence that shows that rotator cuff degeneration is part of the normal aging process. Every decade of life after the age of 50 we see a dramatic increase in the percentage of folks who develop rotator cuff tears.

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  • My Shoulder Hurts At Night

    One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is rotator cuff inflammation. The rotator cuff involves 4 tendons which control shoulder motion. Unfortunately, a delicate blood supply, poor posture, and repetitive overhead activity can cause rotator cuff inflammation and tearing.

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